Superyachts: Palaces of the Sea

A look out over the bay of Monaco reveals an impressive sight indeed; tens if not hundreds of yachts, all year round are invariably arrayed around the marina or cruising the water.

However, with so many examples of this extreme symbol of luxury, in order to stand out from the crowd yacht owners need something extraordinary. For many owners this means size.

Superyachts have been steadily growing bigger, and thanks to advances in technology what seemed gargantuan a decade ago pales in comparison to the latest creations. With newer, larger yachts venturing out onto the open seas each year, it’s hard to keep track of precisely which are the largest. Fortunately,’s Live 100, sponsored by charter and sales broker Y.CO addresses this issue allowing us to reveal, definitively, which are the five largest yachts in the world.

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Photo: The World’s Largest Yacht, Azzam