Dhow Net is the definite reference on prominent people and major organizations in the Gulf region.

Dhow Net is a subscription-based service that features an exclusive who’s who directory of senior executives, ultra high net worth individuals and government officials at the largest companies and organizations.

Dhow Net can help you uncover prospects and potential clients, identify the people who matter most, find out who owns what and who is investing where, follow the top echelons of the largest organizations and companies, target the elite with your products and services, grow your business and make money.

We cover the six countries of the Gulf (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain), homes to the great majority of Arab ultra-high net worth individuals and influential movers and shakers.

According to UBS assets held by those individuals exceed USD 800 billion. Read more about this here.

The database passes the “ACID” test

Authoritative: It is well researched and up to date

Comprehensive: It includes powerful and influential people from all sectors and industries

Informative: It keeps you abreast of related news and developments

Disambiguating: It removes any confusion caused by similarities between Arabic names and the lack of a standard system to transliterate them into English.

At a later stage, we will provide coverage of the luxury lifestyle including products and services consumed by the elite. The region is a large market for luxury products and services, which according to Bain and Company and Alpen Capital is worth USD 8 billion.

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