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Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO)

PO Box 303, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Tel +971 26060000, Fax +971 26266005

Limited Liability
Government | Subsidiary
Date of Establishment
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Oil and Gas Operations
Oil and Gas Production
Business Summary
ADMA-OPCO is a major oil and gas exploration and production company whose operations date back to the 1950’s. With its operations centered in the offshore areas of Abu Dhabi, ADMA-OPCO came into being as a locally incorporated company on 3 July 1977. The Company’s concession includes two major fields: Umm Shaif, which lies some 150 kilometers north-west of the city of Abu Dhabi and Lower Zakum, one of the largest offshore oil fields in the world, which lies 55 kilometers south east of Umm Shaif. The crude is collected from these fields using giant steel structures called supercomplexes, and then transferred to Das Island, a nearby industrial base, for processing, storing and world export. Current production stands at around 600,000 barrels per day.
Arabic Name
أبوظبي للعمليات البترولية البحرية
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