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Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication Company (GO)

PO Box 250398, Riyadh, 11391, Saudi Arabia, Tel +966 8111460000, Fax +966 8111467100
Email: i----@----sa Show

Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication Company (GO) provides wireless and fixed line technologies, internet access, calling cards and IP telephony. It has more than 200 thousand customers in 12 cities in Saudi Arabia.


Telecommunications and IT


Internet Services and Providers

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Key Contacts
Hussamuddeen Hashem Hamza Sadaqa (Chairman)
Fahd Abdulaziz Abdulla asSonay (Vice Chairman)
Yehya Saleh Mohsen Aal Mansoor (CEO)
Date of Establishment
Arabic Name
إتحاد عذيب للاتصالات
Paid-Up Capital (in Millions)
Revenues (in Millions)
Major Shareholders

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