Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures taps Mahdi Aladel as CEO

Saudi Aramco has appointed Eng Mahdi Aladel as new chief executive officer to run its $500 million venture capital and investments arm after the previous head departed, according to Bloomberg.

Eng. Mahdi Aladel (biography) joined Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) in September 1998 as a Process Engineering Group Leader in Ras Tanura Refinery (RTR), as part of the refinery’s upgrade project startup team.

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures taps Mahdi Aladel as CEO

While at RTR, he had the opportunity to work on all of the key refining processes (hydro-cracking, crude distillation, naphtha reforming/CCR, sulfur recovery, and others).

In late 2003, Eng. Mahdi Aladel supported the technology evaluation and licensing selection of the new refinery plants to be built as part of Petro Rabigh Project.

He championed RTR’s Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) upgrade project in 2004 after which he was assigned to lead the naphtha reforming complex of the refinery.

In mid-2005, Eng. Mahdi Aladel joined Chevron’s Richmond Refinery in California for 18 months as part of a process engineering internship program between Saudi Aramco and Chevron.

Having come back from Chevron, he joined the Manufacturing and Planning Economic Unit (MPEU) of RTR which he then headed before leaving RTR in April 2009 for a one-year upstream field assignment as a petroleum engineer in Khursaniyah.

In mid-February of 2010, Eng. Mahdi Aladel joined Corporate Planning as the Downstream Liaison of the Long Range Planning Department.

In April 2011, he joined the Strategic Transformation Office (STO), which oversees the Accelerated Transformation Program (ATP) of the company.

From January 2014 until his appointment as CEO of Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Eng. Mahdi Aladel worked at the Motiva Enterprises unit and Saudi Aramco Base Oil Company (LUBEREF), and held positions within Saudi Aramco’s Marketing Department and Base Oils and Finished Lubricants LOB.

Eng. Aladel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, as well as a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University.

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