Powerful Families in Oman

Powerful families in Oman are a mixture of indigenous clans, descendants of Indian traders, people from Zanzibar and many members of Al Said ruling family.

Powerful families in Oman are a 50-strong universe of ethnic groups that trace their roots to Omani tribes, India and Zanzibar. Along with the ruling family and the State, they control all facets of the corporate world in the Sultanate, especially the banking, trading, hospitality and real estate sectors. Notable mentions go to the families of Bahwan, Mashani, Shanfari, Zawawi, and Zubair.

Araimi    Bahwan    Harthi    Hinai    Hosni    Khaleeli    Lawati    Mahrooqi    Mamari    Mashani    Mawali    Rawahi    Rawas    Shanfari    Sultan    Wahaibi    Zadjali    Zawawi    Zubair

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Note: Since there is no standardized form of transliterating Arabic names into English, we have normalized family names to match the easiest or the most widely used spelling.

For more on the merchant families of Oman check out this link https://bit.ly/3cNJkWp