Ranking of Bahraini listed companies by sales

All figures in millions of Bahraini Dinars in ascending order

OrganizationCountrySectorCurrencySales (M)Year
Bahrain Middle East BankBahrainFinancial ServicesBHD0.62019-12-31
Bahrain Family Leisure CompanyBahrainRetailingBHD1.52019-12-31
Bahrain Car Parks CompanyBahrainReal EstateBHD1.72019-12-31
Banader Hotels CompanyBahrainHospitality, Travel and LeisureBHD3.22019-12-31
Esterad Investment CompanyBahrainDiversified and HoldingBHD4.42019-12-31
Bahrain Flour Mills CompanyBahrainFood and Agri-BusinessBHD7.12020-12-31
InovestBahrainFinancial ServicesBHD7.62019-12-31
Bahrain Ship Repairing and Engineering CompanyBahrainCapital and Industrial GoodsBHD8.32019-12-31
Bahrain Cinema CompanyBahrainHospitality, Travel and LeisureBHD8.32018-12-31
National Hotels CompanyBahrainHospitality, Travel and LeisureBHD9.42019-12-31
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