Ranking of Omani listed companies by sales

All figures in millions of Omani Riyals in ascending order

OrganizationCountrySectorCurrencySales (M)Year
Global Financial Investment HoldingOmanDiversified and HoldingOMR0.42019-12-31
Financial Corporation CompanyOmanFinancial ServicesOMR0.42020-12-31
Madina Investment CompanyOmanFinancial ServicesOMR0.82019-03-31
Computer Stationery IndustryOmanServicesOMR1.02020-12-31
Dhofar Tourism CompanyOmanHospitality, Travel and LeisureOMR1.22020-12-31
Batnah Hotels CompanyOmanHospitality, Travel and LeisureOMR1.22020-12-31
Sharqiya Investment Holding CompanyOmanDiversified and HoldingOMR1.42019-12-31
Omani Euro Food Industries CompanyOmanFood and Agri-BusinessOMR1.62020-12-31
Anwar HoldingsOmanDiversified and HoldingOMR1.72020-03-31
Oman Ceramics CompanyOmanConstruction and MaterialsOMR2.02019-12-31
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