Top Bankers in the GCC

Abdullah Zahran Al Hinai
Abdullah Zahran Al Hinai, CEO, National Bank of Oman
Waleed Abdullah Al Mogbel
Waleed Abdullah Al Mogbel, CEO, Al Rajhi Bank
Khalid Saleh Al Ghamdi
Khalid Saleh Al Ghamdi, CEO, Credit Suisse Saudi Arabia
Ahmad Mohammad Abu Eideh
Ahmad Mohammad Abu Eideh, CEO, United Arab Bank
Khaled Jamal Al Kayed
Khaled Jamal Al Kayed, CEO, Bank Nizwa
Yasser Awad Bajsair
Yasser Awad Bajsair, CEO, Investcorp Saudi Arabia
Rashad Ali Al Musafir
Rashad Ali Al Musafir, CEO, Oman Arab Bank
Hisham Alrayes
CEO, GFH Financial Group
Elham Yousri Mahfouz
Elham Yousri Mahfouz, CEO, Commercial Bank of Kuwait
Georges Ibrahim Richani
Georges Ibrahim Richani, CEO, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait
Abdullah Mubarak AlKhalifa
Abdullah Mubarak AlKhalifa, CEO, Qatar National Bank
Sattam Sulaiman Al Gosaibi
Sattam Sulaiman Al Gosaibi, CEO, Khaleeji Commercial Bank
Khalid Yousef Al Subeai
Khalid Yousef Al Subeai, CEO, Dukhan Bank
Isam Jassim Al Sager
Isam Jassim Al Sager, Group CEO, National Bank of Kuwait
Tamim Hamad Al Kawari
Tamim Hamad Al Kawari, CEO, QInvest
Reyadh Yousif Sater
Reyadh Yousif Sater, CEO, BBK
Lloyd Maddock
Lloyd Maddock, CEO, InvestBank
Hassan Ameen Jarrar
Hassan Ameen Jarrar, CEO, Bahrain Islamic Bank

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